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Following is a brief description of the various hoist & crane services that are provided on a regular basis...  At the bottom of this page is a Service Request Form that you may fill out to request more specific information, or a price quotation.

Key Benefits

  • Local - Faster response, less travel time.
  • Experienced - Certified crane technicians get the job done right the first time.
  • Established - Our company has been standing behind our work for over 105 years.

Service Capabilities

- Crane & Hoist Maintenance and Repair Service
Regular maintenance is not an option when it comes to overhead lifting devices.  OSHA mandates inspection and load testing of this equipment on a periodic basis, depending on duty cycle, lift capacity, and other criteria.  In order to pass these OSHA-required inspections, and the related load tests, cranes & hoists must be within specifications set by the manufacturer and the various regulatory agencies.  All of this requires that certain maintenance be performed.  Call on Standard Crane & Hoist to assist you in designing and implementing an OSHA-approved load testing and inspection program, and to make sure that your equipment is maintained to be within compliance.
- Emergency Crane Repair Service
All crane technicians are available for 24-7 emergency callout service to respond to your service outages.
- Crane & Hoist Equipment & Controls -- Modernization and Capacity Upgrades
Many customers are able to utilize existing bridge crane components (such as I-beams and end-trucks) while upgrading hoist motors and controls to achieve the efficiency and reliability of the latest lifting technology.  Standard Crane & Hoist can retrofit cabled pendant controls with radio controls, can install power bar systems in lieu of obsolete cable festoon systems, can install variable frequency drives for soft start and smooth 2 speed hoist operations, etc.  We can also increase the capacity of your equipment to lift larger and/or heavier loads.  With such upgrades, and brand new paint, your equipment will look great and operate up to the latest modern day capacities, an in most cases at a fraction of the cost of buying a new overhead crane.  An updated crane will be less costly to operate and maintain, and will be more energy efficient in its operation.
Please call on our technical sales representatives to survey your existing equipment and suggest cost effective improvements to your lifting procedures and equipment.
- Offshore/Marine Crane Services
Our service technicians are available to support crane repair, maintenance and inspection requirements for the Gulf of Mexico oil industry, as well as, in the Caribbean, Central and South America regions.
- Crane & Hoist Inspections
As mentioned above, overhead lifting equipment is subject to stringent inspection requirements.  Please visit the Industry Links section of our website to access OSHA Regulations via the web.  Standard Crane & Hoist will consult with you to insure that your workplace lifting equipment is in compliance with the various inspection and load testing guidelines, and that you are keeping the documentation required to pass an OSHA inspection.  Standard Crane & Hoist performs the routine safety inspections called for in the OSHA regulations.
- Crane Moves
Many situations arise in industry where a bridge crane or a jib crane needs to be physically moved from one location in a plant to a new location.  Standard Crane & Hoist has performed hundreds of crane moves and can execute your move within your prescribed time limit and for a very reasonable cost.
- Field ID Inspection Service (as required by OSHA)
Standard Crane & Hoist employs Field ID, a proprietary tablet pc-based inspection program, to perform and produce OSHA required inspection reports for your equipment.  The data collected is then stored and backed up on an off-site, enterprise-wide web server to insure that you will always have access to your inspection reports and documentation.  You can even access your own inspection reports over the web.
- Crane Operator Training
The person operating your crane ultimately determines the safety record and the operating efficiency of your lifting equipment.  For this reason, Standard Crane & Hoist offers Overhead Crane Operator training courses.  Attendees of Standard Crane & Hoist Operator training will learn the responsibilities associated with operating your specific equipment, including:
- Compliance with OSHA requirements
- Nomenclature and selection of appropriate equipment and below-the-hook accessories
- Operational limits of the equipment
- Pre-Operating inspection criteria
- Overview of wire rope
- Accidents:  Causes and Prevention
- Correct use of hand signals
- Handling the load
- Safe rigging practices
- Sling loading and stresses
- Center of gravity
- Establishing load limits
- Documenting inspection and condition reports
This training is very comprehensive and is normally conducted in small group settings.  The course is taught by a very highly qualified trainer.  Students successfully completing the course, and their employers, will receive a certificate and wallet card acknowledging their achievement.
- Warranty Repair & Service
Due to our long history of expertise in the crane & hoist industry, Standard Crane & Hoist serves as an authorized warranty repair station for a large number of hoist manufacturers as shown on the Products page of this website.  In many cases, when the equipment is under warranty, it will be repaired entirely free of charge in your shop, with a minimum of downtime. 

Reference Accounts

      Standard Crane & Hoist LLC has performed services for thousands of customers, including:

Alcoa, Armstrong, Boh Brothers, Boise, Bollinger, BP, Cameron, Cargill, Chevron, Citgo, City of New Orleans, Conoco, Cooper Energy, Dow Chemical, E.I. DuPont, Entergy, Exxon Mobil, Fluor, General Electric, General Motors, Georgia Gulf, Halliburton, Ingalls Shipbuilding, Jacobs Engineering, John Deere, Kansas City Southern RR, Lafarge, Marathon Petroleum, McDermott, Monsanto, Motiva, National Oilwell Varco, Nissan, Occidental, Oil States, Quality Shipyard, Ryerson, Schlumberger, Shell Chemical, Shell Offshore, State of Louisiana, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Textron, Trinity Yachts, US Dept of Defense, US Army Corps of Engineers, Valero, Weyerhaeuser, and the list goes on....
The roots of Standard Crane & Hoist LLC go back to the founding of Standard Supply Co. in downtown New Orleans in 1909.  In 2014, we celebrate our 105th anniversary of continuous service to the Gulf South market.
       Please contact us for specific reference contacts.

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